Entry Level Remote Jobs With Bachelor’s Degree

So you’ve graduated, and now it’s time to take that major life step: landing your first job. But what if you’re keen on avoiding the office and are looking for entry level remote jobs with a bachelor’s degree? Welcome to the world where your living room could be your new office and your commute involves zero traffic. This blog aims to give you the lowdown on some of the jobs that fit this criterion and how you can get your foot in the virtual door.

EAP Worklife Customer Support Associate: A Detailed Look

Company: CVS Health
Location: Austin, TX (Remote)
Pay Range: $18.50 – $34.60 an hour
Job Type: Full-time
Benefits: 401(k), Dental insurance, Health insurance, and more.

Job Description: This role is not just about answering calls. At CVS Health, the focus is on human-centric healthcare, meaning your role involves providing meaningful support and information. You’ll be responsible for helping with Worklife employee assistance, managing calls, and researching pertinent services for clients.


  • Experienced in a social, psychological, or human service field.
  • 1-2 years of experience in a call center environment or behavioral health is preferred.

How To Apply:
You’ll need to create an Indeed account to proceed with the application.

Public Policy Researcher: Comment Analysis Focused

Company: ICF
Location: Reston, VA (Remote)
Pay Range: $48,364 – $82,218 a year
Job Type: Full-time

Job Description: In this role, you’ll be diving into the nuances of public policy. You’ll be analyzing public feedback on various issues and be part of a team involved in federal rulemaking processes affecting various sectors from energy to public health.


  • Bachelor’s degree in public policy, government, or related fields.
  • 0-2 years of relevant work experience.

How To Apply:
Sign up on Indeed to apply.

Peoplelink Service Representative: A Diverse Role

Company: New York University
Location: New York, NY (Remote)
Pay: $34.63 an hour
Job Type: Full-time

Job Description: In this position, you serve as the first point of contact for the PeopleLink Service Center at NYU. The role is dynamic and involves various tasks from benefits enrollment to payroll.


  • 3 years of office experience or 1-2 years with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • High level of customer service skills.

How To Apply:
Create an Indeed account to continue to the application.

Benefits of Remote Entry Level Jobs

  1. Flexibility: No fixed schedules or commute.
  2. Work-Life Balance: Easier to manage your personal life.
  3. Global Opportunities: Work for companies around the world.

Key Considerations Before Applying

  • Ensure you have a reliable internet connection.
  • Assess if you have the self-discipline to manage your time effectively.
  • Take into account the lack of physical team interaction.


Entry level remote jobs with a bachelor’s degree offer a unique pathway for recent graduates. These roles provide not just the experience but also the flexibility that a traditional job can’t offer. So go ahead, update that resume and dive into the world of remote working.

Happy job hunting!

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