New WhatsApp’s Hidden Tricks of 2024

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Discover the Magic Beyond Messaging

WhatsApp isn’t just any messaging app; it’s a digital universe of possibilities. With its user base soaring to two billion monthly active users, it’s clear that this platform offers much more than just sending texts. From voice and video calls to sharing photos, documents, and even conducting free video calls, WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

Exploring the Depths of WhatsApp Features

Disappearing Messages in Groups

Did you know that WhatsApp now lets you enable disappearing messages for group chats too? It’s true! Head over to Group Info, delve into Group Settings, and toggle on Disappearing Messages. Now, your group chats can have an air of ephemeral mystery.

Fine-Tune Your Voice Messages

Ever wished you could speed up those lengthy voice messages? Well, now you can! While listening to a voice note, simply tap on the 1x icon and watch as it transforms into 1.5x or even 2x speed. Who knew listening could be this efficient?

Organize Photos in Style

Sending multiple photos in a chat can sometimes feel cluttered, right? Fear not! WhatsApp introduces the Album View feature. Just tap on the ‘+’ icon, select your photos, and watch as they elegantly group into an album, making your chats look neat and tidy.

Archive, Don’t Delete

Tired of cluttered chat lists but reluctant to delete conversations? We’ve got you covered. Simply swipe left on a chat and hit the archive icon. Your chats will be neatly tucked away in the archived section, ready to be revisited whenever you please.

Lock Your Chats with Fingerprint Security

Privacy matters, especially when it comes to your chats. Take control by enabling fingerprint or face unlock for specific chats. It’s as simple as opening a chat, tapping on the contact’s name, and selecting “Chat Lock.” Your secrets, now doubly secure.

Seamless Interaction with Interactive Notifications

Why interrupt your flow when you can reply to messages directly from the notification bar? With WhatsApp’s interactive notifications, you can stay in the zone and keep the conversation going without missing a beat.

Customize Your Link Previews

Not a fan of link previews cluttering up your chats? No problem! Head to Settings, then Account, Privacy, and finally, Link Preview. Toggle it off, and voila! No more unwanted previews stealing the spotlight.

Embrace Multi-Device Support

WhatsApp now offers the flexibility to use the same account across multiple devices simultaneously. Keep an eye out for any new options related to multiple device support in your settings. It’s convenience at its finest.

Dive Deeper with Advanced Search Filters

Searching for that specific message or media within a chat? WhatsApp’s got you covered with advanced search filters. Tap on the search icon within a chat and explore options like photos, videos, links, and more. Finding what you need has never been easier.

Share with Ease Using Group QR Codes

Need to add more members to your group? Share a QR code and make joining a breeze. Navigate to Group Info, Group Settings, and Invite to Group via Link. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s efficient.

Stay Connected with Live Location Sharing

Whether you’re meeting up with friends or keeping tabs on loved ones, WhatsApp’s live location sharing feature has you covered. Simply open a chat, tap on the attachment icon, select “Location,” and share your whereabouts for a specific duration.

Streamline Group Calls with Shortcuts

In the midst of a group call and need to make a quick adjustment? WhatsApp’s got your back. Toggle between video and voice calls with ease, mute/unmute your mic, and control your camera settings—all within the call interface. It’s group calling made simple.


With these hidden tricks up your sleeve, you’re ready to take your WhatsApp experience to new heights. From enhancing privacy to streamlining communication, WhatsApp continues to evolve, offering a world of possibilities at your fingertips. So go ahead, dive in, and unlock the magic of WhatsApp’s hidden gems!

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