McKay Scholarship: Your Gateway to Educational Success

Let’s cut right to the chase—did you hear that the McKay Scholarship has undergone some major changes? Effective July 1, 2022, the program has been rolled into the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program under the Unique Abilities category. If this scholarship has been on your radar, stick around as we delve into what this means for you and your child.

How McKay Is Now Under the Family Empowerment Umbrella

To begin with, McKay has transitioned into what’s now called the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program under the Unique Abilities category (FES UA). Sounds complex? It’s simpler than it sounds. This basically allows you to take advantage of additional resources and benefits that come with the Family Empowerment Program.

Eligibility Screening: How It Works

First things first, eligibility isn’t a DIY thing here. Your public school district office takes charge of the eligibility screening process and provides an eligibility determination for each student intent filed. And if you’re wondering about the status of your intent, you can “Check Student Intent Status” on their platform.

McKay Parent Responsibilities: What You Need to Know

Parents, listen up! You, the private schools, and school districts each have specific roles and responsibilities under the McKay Scholarship Program. So make sure you’re clear on what you need to do in order to not miss out on this golden opportunity.

Payment Deadlines and Procedures

We all know the saying, “Time is money,” and it couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to scholarships. Intent and enrollment deadlines for McKay Scholarship payments to private schools are strictly adhered to. Don’t snooze on this!

Parent Affidavit: A Crucial Document

Before you roll your eyes at another form to fill out, know this—completing the Parent Affidavit form is not optional; it’s mandatory. This form must be filled out by the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in a participating private school.

Keeping Up with McKay: The Participating Parent Login

Don’t forget that once your child is enrolled in a participating private school, you have access to a secure login. This is not just for show—it’s where you can view the school’s fee schedule and keep your contact information fresh and updated.

Frequently Asked Questions: McKay Scholarship

Got questions? They’ve got a comprehensive FAQ section that addresses all your queries—from program eligibility to payment processing.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Choices

Alright, we’ve covered a lot of ground here, but the bottom line is that the McKay Scholarship is not just financial assistance—it’s a means to empower you with choices for your child’s education. So, if you meet the criteria and deadlines, you’re well on your way to making the most of what this scholarship has to offer.

Ready to leap into action? Go ahead and kickstart the application process. You’ve got this, parents! 🌟📚🎓

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