The Role of Internships in Career Preparation: More Than Just Coffee Runs

The Role of Internships in Career Preparation: More Than Just Coffee Runs—that’s a statement we’ve all needed at some point or another. The stereotypical idea of an intern photocopying documents and running errands is way past its expiration date. It’s 2023, folks, and internships have evolved to become invaluable career-shaping experiences. So, let’s dive deep and explore what modern internships are truly about.

Busting the Internship Myths

It’s All About the Coffee

Let’s get this straight; if you’re spending all your internship making coffee runs, you’re in the wrong place. Today’s internships are about gaining practical, hands-on experience.

Unpaid Labor?

While some internships are still unpaid, many offer stipends, benefits, and even a chance for full-time employment post-internship.

Why Internships Matter

Skill Building

Internships offer an opportunity to implement the theories you’ve learned in class. It’s learning by doing, not just by reading or listening.


Use this time to connect with professionals in the industry. Who knows? Your next job offer could come from someone you met during your internship.

Choosing the Right Internship

Align with Career Goals

Pick an internship that aligns with your career objectives. If you aim for a job in marketing, an internship in a totally unrelated field might not serve you well.

Research the Company

A shiny brand name is good, but not enough. Research the work culture, read reviews, or connect with current employees to get the real scoop.

Making the Most of Your Internship

Be Proactive

Don’t just wait for tasks to come your way; seek them out. Show your enthusiasm and commitment.

Keep a Journal

Document your daily activities, challenges, and achievements. This will not only help you track your progress but also provide material for your resume and future interviews.

How Internships Affect Your Resume

Real-world Experience

Employers love candidates with experience. An internship adds that much-needed sheen to your resume.

Skills and Recommendations

Your supervisors can provide recommendations and vouch for your skills, making your job applications stand out.

The Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Be Punctual

Show up on time. It demonstrates professionalism and respect for other people’s time.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you’re unclear about something, ask. It’s better to ask than to mess up a task because you didn’t understand it.


The Role of Internships in Career Preparation: More Than Just Coffee Runs emphasizes the essential nature of internships in today’s competitive job market. By the time you’re through, you should not just be a holder of coffee cups but a holder of invaluable skills, experiences, and contacts that will serve you throughout your career.

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It’s time to step out of the stereotype and make the most of your internships. Trust me, they’re a lot more than just coffee runs.

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