How to Use College Extracurriculars in Career Preparation

How to Use College Extracurriculars in Career Preparation is a question that baffles many students. Often, you hear that academics alone won’t get you that dream job, and you wonder how your time spent in the college drama society or the chess club will ever come into play. Well, it’s time to demystify the role of extracurriculars in shaping your professional future.

The Relevance of Extracurriculars

Practical Experience

Classroom knowledge is essential, but extracurriculars provide the hands-on experience you need to really understand certain concepts and realities of teamwork, management, and other work-life scenarios.

A Balanced Life

Juggling academics and extracurriculars can actually make you better prepared for a balanced work life.

Identifying Useful Activities

Subject-Related Clubs

If you’re a journalism major, maybe it’s the school newspaper. If you’re into tech, perhaps the coding club can be beneficial.

Leadership Roles

Being the president or treasurer of a club can provide you with invaluable leadership experience that can be a real resume-booster.

How to Spin It

Show, Don’t Just Tell

Don’t just list the activities. Show how they’ve made you a better candidate. Did managing a club event improve your organizational skills? Say that!

Use Action Words

Use verbs like “managed,” “led,” and “coordinated” to convey your responsibilities and achievements in a more dynamic way.

Incorporating Extracurriculars into Your Resume

The “Skills and Experience” Section

You can include a subsection specifically for extracurriculars or blend them into a ‘Skills and Experience’ section of your resume.

Tailor It

Just like you would tailor your resume for a specific job, make sure to emphasize the most relevant extracurriculars.

Networking Through Extracurriculars

Alumni Relations

Your club or group’s alumni can provide job leads and become beneficial professional contacts.

Mentorship Opportunities

Faculty advisors or club leaders can serve as potential mentors in your field of interest.

Extracurriculars and Soft Skills

Communication and Teamwork

Activities like debate club, sports, and group projects can enhance your communication and teamwork skills.


Chess club, coding competitions, or even volunteering can help you hone your problem-solving abilities.


How to Use College Extracurriculars in Career Preparation is not just about making a laundry list of all the clubs you were part of. It’s about strategically leveraging these experiences to make you a well-rounded, skilled, and employable individual. So don’t underestimate the power of your college extracurriculars; they could very well be the stepping stones to your dream job.

You’ve got the keys now, so open the doors to your future! Your time in college is a goldmine of experiences—use it wisely.

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